NRI Property Management Services
NRI Property Management Services
  • Basic installations and refurbishments of the property with the consent of the property owner
  • Finding quality tenants who can maintain the home like their own
  • Bill Payments of all kinds ranging from property tax, electricity, society dues etc
  • Collection of rent and deposits within the time frame and transferred to the owner’s account
  • Handling disputes on rental issues
  • Regular checkups with strict checklists to ensure that everything is going fine and no illegal/Fraudulent activities are taken place on the property
  • Attend and participate any meetings or activities as a representative of the tenant
  • Manage exit formalities as per the contract between tenants and owners and ensure that all dues are paid and deductions are taken based on the property maintenance checklist

  • A mutually agreed contract to be signed by Avonikochi and property owners
  • Power of Attorney to rent out and maintain the property signed by a local notary or Indian Consulate officer
  • Copy of Title Documents
  • a) Index of the property
  • b) Property Tax bill
  • Copy of Utility Bills
  • a) Electricity Bill
  • b) Water bill

Inputs from the owner
  • Owner’s contract
  • Details of rent and deposit payment

Our Fees

We charge based on the number of services provided and the amount of work hours.

We have 3 packages

  • Avoni Basic Package: 5% of the annual rent
  • Avoni plus package: 10% of the annual rent
  • Avoni Supreme Package: 15% of the annual rent